” We contracted Georgie (The Knotted Yogi) last year to offer a yoga practice to our employees based at our West London offices. The class is accessible to all and we have complete beginners to experienced yogis – Georgie creates a very inclusive atmosphere which is non-competitive and where each person can go at their own pace. You can see that a lot of time and effort goes into planning the class, with some very apt tunes and impeccable timing. I guess the best testament to Georgie’s ability is the number of returning customers of which there are plenty.”

Michael Queally, Deluxe Entertainment

It is joy to offer yoga and meditation classes to the corporate environment as I believe all employees benefit hugely from this type of practice for their; physical health, productivity and overall mental wellbeing.

With so many people working from home and potentially under financial or personal stress, it has never been so important to focus on relaxation techniques, wellbeing and calming both the body and the mind.

We are all wonderfully unique and have different coping mechanisms to deal with life challenges, therefore I have developed a range of virtual classes to support either your teams or 121 sessions. These range from breathing techniques for anxiety management to ‘Anti Desk Yoga for improving posture while working at home.

I teamed up with Housing Technology to create mini series of WFH Yoga videos, follow my YouTube to see the other five videos!

Interested in offering your staff/employees yoga and meditation? Lets chat

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